The lives of Children and young people across the UK are being turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic. They have never experienced anything like it. The disturbance and fear it generates raises anxiety levels, disrupts education and threatens to leave deep and long-lasting scars.

Schools are doing everything they can to support their students and through our Life Skills programme we are helping them to provide the resources and services they need.

By way of example we have helped High Beeches Primary School purchase a therapy dog. Already Bess is proving to be a valuable asset in helping to reduce anxiety levels among the children – as headteacher Jonathan Walker reports, “… this morning she was exercised by a pupil in KS2 who has become quite reluctant to go into class since half-term and has become quite anxious. 10 minutes of ‘fetch’ with Bess and me helped him to calm down and made things seem less of a big deal.”