During the mid-1980s Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) embraced the idea of a comprehensive youth development programme to help children grow in a positive direction, protected from the dangers of drugs and violence. Based upon the international project the British and Irish Lions clubs became involved in Life Skills education as part of an emphasis on drug education and awareness.

In 1991 Harpenden Lions Club took up the challenge of championing the cause of young people helping to educate them about the risks involved in drug and alcohol abuse. The club purchased and donated curriculum resources to local primary schools because these subjects had become mandatory as part of the then new National Curriculum.

Over the years as the challenges facing children and young people have grown in complexity so the range of topics covered by the PSHE syllabus has widened to address such issues as emotional literacy, relationships and sexual health, resisting peer pressure, violence, gang culture, citizenship and economic wellbeing.