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The Club Archive (Work in progress!)

The Archive has been compiled by records available in 2017.  Earlier years may be completely absent or sketchy.  There may be duplications or errors in compilation.  Please advise these to the Club Secretary for amendment.  Any additions worthy of archiving will be welcomed!

Inevitably over the years there have been various ways of recording the names of the multitude of documents produced by the Club.  For ease of reference, the names of the principal and most common types of documents have been converted into the date in the format YYMMDD followed by a 3 letter abbreviation in the format ‘XxX’.  The table below shows the abbreviations used.  Where in earlier years the document contents are less obvious they are included in a folder which bears a date in the same format, that is YYMMDD.

You will need your lions email address and password to access the material.

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Fundraising Highland Gathering Life Skills Services
Membership Permanent Social  


Name  Title Description
AaS Club Annual Accounts Includes Charitable Trust
AcR Activity Report Monthly Activity Report to Oakbrook
BoA Board Agenda As title
BoM Board Minutes As title
BsA Business Meeting Agenda As title.  Formats differ over years, and in some cases are folders containing separate documents
BsM Business Meeting Minutes As title
CbC Club Card As title.
ChM Charitable Trust Minutes As title
FrA Fundraising Committee Agenda As title
FrM Fundraising Committee Minutes As title
HaL Halitosis Irreverent (or possibly irrelevant) Club newssheet, produced intermittently in earlier years of the club.  ‘Halitosis’ is an abbreviation of ‘Harpenden Area Lions Intellectual Technical Operating Systems Information Sheet’.  Sadly, a complete record of all pre-digital issues was lost when lent to a club member a number of years ago.  Many of those that remain were originally prepared in Microsoft Publisher format.  These have been converted to pdf format to make access easier, but the pagination is suspect!
HgA Highland Gathering Committee Agenda As title
HgM Highland Gathering Committee Minutes As title
RSc Secretary Report to Bus Mtg As title
SoA Social Committee Agenda As title
SoM Social Committee Minutes As title
SvA Services Committee Agenda As title
SvM Services Committee Minutes As title
TrR Treasurer Monthly Report As title
ZoR Zone Report Report submitted for Zone Meeting

Archived items are categorised as follows:-

  • Year folders contain folders within, the titles of which should be self-explanatory.  Please note that for the year 2013-14 onwards monthly committee minutes and treasurer reports are not included as these form part of the agendae for the business meetings.
  • Committee Folders contain documents which relate to those areas of responsibility
  • Permanent Documents – Self explanatory title