Harpenden Lion Trail Easter Challenge 2022

Harpenden Lion Trail Easter Challenge 2022

Families – here’s something a little different as we head towards Easter – sign up to the Lion Trail Easter Challenge and with the aid of your phone’s location tracking find answers to the 16 clues at the locations marked by a lion (clicking on a Lion icon shows the clue number and the clue).

The route is approximately 5 km and you can start and finish at any point. Allow 2 hours, but you do not have to complete the trail in a single session.

Sign up here between 24th March and 15th April to receive the GoogleMaps link and clue sheet. Follow the trail in your own time and send us your answers by Tuesday 19th April and win an egg (one egg per entry). Entries cost £5.

Please note the following:
• You are welcome to sign up to follow the Lion Trail after 15th April. However, although we will do our best, we cannot guarantee the availability of Easter Eggs for these later bookings.
• Easter Eggs will be delivered to the doorstep of homes in Harpenden. For those living elsewhere, Easter Eggs will be made available for collection from one of our Harpenden Lions.
• The answers to the clues will be published on the Harpenden Lions Club website after Easter.

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By participating you will also be supporting the Harpenden Lions Life Skills Programme that helps to fund the delivery of PSHE education to 10,000 children in 29 local schools. Since 1991 Harpenden Lions, through our Charitable Trust, have raised and donated over £250,000 to our local schools to help them purchase the resources and services they need.