Ghost Trail

Did you take part in our Lion Trail Easter Challenge? Now we aim to spook you with our family friendly Halloween Ghost Trail! With the aid of your phone’s location tracking find places where ghost sightings have been reported and where legends and mysteries abound. Find all of the 13 Ghost Points (clicking on a Ghost icon shows the number and why the spot is ghostly!). You may be asked to answer a question about some sites, so take a pencil and paper and keep your wits about you! After you have visited all of them, please send us an email with your answers to the haunted house (we’ll tell you where after you sign up) and a Halloween prize will be yours! The trail is approximately 4 miles long but does not need to be completed in one go.

Sign up below between 11th and 31st October and you should receive a confirmation email with a GoogleMaps link and clue sheet within 48 hours. If you don’t receive a confirmation email, please send a message to quoting your Transaction or PayPal reference.

Follow the trail in your own time and send us your answers by Friday 5th November to win a Halloween Prize (one prize per entry). Entries cost £5.

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By participating you will also be supporting the Harpenden Lions Life Skills Programme that helps to fund the delivery of PSHE education to 10,000 children in 29 local schools. Since 1991 Harpenden Lions, through our Charitable Trust, have raised and donated over £250,000 to our local schools to help them purchase the resources and services they need.